Lynn Doyle is a multi award-winning journalist and ten-time Emmy recipient with more than 30 years of television news experience.  She
is host and executive producer for The Comcast Network’s Emmy Award-winning “It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle” now in its 15th season.
In June 2010, Retirement Living TV (www.RL.TV) launched the program nationally to more than 14 million homes on Channel 175 on

With its guests, wide range of topics, heavy viewer participation and direct access to the host, “It’s Your Call” is the most opinionated talk
show on cable offering thought-provoking television superior to straight news programs. Doyle tackles issues making national headlines
and explores how they affect people by providing a broadcast and online forum for people to voice their concerns and opinions.

Overseeing the show’s direction and content, Doyle is lauded for her ability to secure hard-to-get interviews with high-profile guests who
can speak about the tough issues facing the country today. Doyle has hosted a wide range of newsmakers including: Maureen Faulkner,
the widow of the police officer murdered by Mumia Abu Jamal; Gloria Allred, high profile attorney; Mikhail Gorbachev, former President of
Russia; Michael Schiavo, whose wife Terri was at the center of a right-to-life debate; Denise Brown, sister of murder victim Nicole Brown
Simpson; Tina Meier, whose daughter committed suicide after being bullying; and Susan Finkelstein, the woman who got national
notoriety for allegedly trying to exchange sex for Phillies World Series tickets.

“It’s Your Call” is well-respected in the industry as evidenced by the many honors it has received. Doyle has been recognized for her
television excellence with multiple Emmy, Telly and Beacon awards, including two Emmys for Best Talk Host and the prestigious Cable
Fax award for best public affairs show for two years in a row. Most recently, "It's Your Call" received the 2010 PA Broadcasters
Association Best Talk Show award.

Upon her 50th birthday, Doyle created an on-going programming initiative called 50 & Fabulous wherein she explores issues of interest
and concern to viewers over 50. Guests have included: Suzanne Somers; Bobbi Brown; Delta Burke; Fran Dresher; Jaclyn Smith; Naomi
Judd; and Gail Sheehy; amongst others. As part of the 50 & Fabulous premiere, Doyle participated in the 2007 More magazine 40+
Model Search and was honored as a top five finalist.

Previously, Doyle served as the political director for CN8, The Comcast Network leading and anchoring the multi-regional network’s
award-winning national, regional and hyper-local election coverage for more than 10 years.  In 2008, Doyle oversaw “America’s Next
President,” CN8’s most expansive election package ever tracking all major events leading up to the November 2008 presidential election
including: live coverage of the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions along with the vice presidential and presidential

In conjunction with CN8’s “America’s Next President” Doyle interviewed the leading candidates making headlines in the 2008 race to the
White House including: then-Senators Barack Obama; Joe Biden; Hillary Clinton; John McCain; former Democratic National Committee
Chairmen Governor Ed Rendell; Terry McAuliffe; and GOP Chairman Michael Steele.

Outside of The Comcast Network, Doyle is president and founder of LDTV, LLC, a television production company that develops
programming, advertising and video communications for various clients. Doyle is a sought-after public speaker at business functions,
community and school organizations and routinely serves as an emcee at high profile events. Doyle's career began in the newspaper
industry and has included stints in local, regional and national television, as well as government and public relations. In addition to
Comcast, which is the nation’s largest cable company, she has worked for CNBC, QVC and FOX NEWS.

Doyle is married to Michael Doyle, a pioneering cable television executive, with whom she shares two adult daughters and twin
grandsons. They reside in Pennsylvania.
About Lynn Doyle